Misdiagnosed diseases , Neck , Shoulder back pains , B12 deficiency ,Weakness ,MS and fibromyalgia – A fraud by Doctors and pharma companies.

Narrated by a Spiritual master and yogi from himalayas . Some Extra references from Dr JV hebbars book and Maharshi ayurveda.

Do you think you have MS or fibromyalgia or B12 or Calcium deficiency or any other stupid disease named by doctors? Just read this article now. People often complaint that they have Pain in neck, shoulder blades or back and legs, they have stiffness of muscles, they have weakness, they cant walk straight, they have unsteady gait, their eyesight got low at the same time when these symptoms started, they have numbness and tingling, they are too much stressed. The MRI and CT scan shows nothing. Then what is the root. Cause. Doctors often make you scared by uttering names such as surgery, costly injections, MS , fibromyalgia , Nerve damage etc. (I am not talking about accident cases or damaged discs). Ayurveda

The root cause of all these diseases is AMA – Ama is a Sanskrit word that means – unripe,i mmature or undigested. This ama is a sticky substance that is easy to eliminate from the digestive system but if it spreads into the deeper tissues, it becomes hard to eliminate it. Depending on where ama is in the body, it can cause some signs and symptoms such as a thick coating on the tongue, numbness , tingling, slow blood flow ,any kind of congestion, weakness, dark circles, fever, obesity, stiffness . In blood and digestive tract IBS, Constipation, gas, vitamins and mineral deficiencies. If you digestive fire or agni is strong you dont get diseased -Remember that. Everything you eat if totally absorbed in the body then you wont need any B12 and B6 and calcium pills.

These diseases come under vata diseases. Vata means dryness and gas. In old medicinal text charak samhita there are 80 kind of vata diseases.
I. Nakhabheda (cracking of nails)
2. Vipadika (cracking of feet)
3. Padasula (pain in feet)
4. Padabhramsha (foot drop)
5. Padasoptata (numbness in feet)
6. Vatakhuddata (club foot)
7. Gulphagraha (stiff ankle)
8. Pendikodveshtana (cramps )
9. Gridhrasi (sciatica)
10. J anubheda (genu varoon)
II. Januvishlesha (genu valgum)
12. Urustambha (stiffness in thigh)
13. Urusada (pain in thighs)
14. Pangulya (paraplegia)
15. Gudabhramsha (prolapse rectum)
16. Gudarthi (teanmus)
17. Vrishanakshepa (pain in serotim)
18. Shephastambha (stiffness of thigh)
19. Vanikshananaha (tension of grion)
20. Shronibheda (pain around pelvic girdle)
21. Vibheda (diarrohea)
22. Udavarta (mispersitalsis)
23. Khanjata (lameness)
24. Kubjatva (kyphosis)
25. Vamanatva (dwarfism)
26. Trikagraha (arthiritis of sacroillac joint)
27. Prishta graha (stiffness of back)
28. Parshvavamarda (pain in chest)
29. Udaraveshta (griping pain in abdomen)
. 30 . Hrinmoha (brady cardia)
31. Hideaway (tachycardia)
32. Vaksha uddharasha (rubbing pain in the
33. Vaksha uparobdha (impairment of thorasic
34. Bahushosha (attrophy of ilrm)
35. Vaksha sthoda (stabbing pain in chest)
36. Grivasthamba (stiffness of neck)
37. Manyasthamba (torticollis)
38. Kan thoddvamsa (hoarseness of voice)
39. Hanubheda (pain in jaws)
40. Osthabheda (pain in lip)
41. Dantha bheda (toothache)
42. Akshi bheda (pain in eye)
43. Danthasaithilya (looseness of teeth)
44. Mukatva (aphasia)
45. Vaksanga (lulling speech)
46. Kasayasata (astrinent taste in mouth)
47. Mukha shosha (dryness of mouth)
48. Arasajnata (ageusia)
49. Ghrananasha (anosmia)
50. Karnashula (ear ache)
5l. Ashabdasravana (tenitus)
52. Ucchaihsruti (hard of hearing)
53. Badhirya (deafness)
54. Vartmastambha (ptosis of eye lid)
55. Vartmasamkoca (entropion)
56. Timira (amausosis)
57. Akshishula (pinching pain in eye)
58. Akshivyudasa (ptosis of eye ball)
59. Bhruvyudasa (ptosis of eye brow)
60. Shankabheda (pain in temporal region)
61. Lalatbheda (pain in frontal region)
62. Shiroruk (headache)
63. Keshabhumisputana (dandrufO
64. Ardita (facial paralysis)
65. Ekangaroga (monoplegia)
66. Sarvanga roga (poly plegia)
67. Pakshavadha (hemiplegia)
68. Akshepaka (clonic convulsion)
69. Dandaka (tonic convulsion)
70. Tama (fainting)
71. Bhrama (giddiness)
72. Vepatu (tremour)
73. Jrimbha (yawning)
74. Hikka (hiccuup)
75. Vishada (asthenia)
76. Atripralapa (deliricion)
77. Raukshya (dryness)
78. Parusya (hardness)
79. Shyavarunavadhadhasata (dusky red
80. Asvapna (sleeplessness)
Anavatsthitachittatva (unstable mentality)

According to maharshi jee -What is the function of vata ? It governs all movement in the mind and body. It controls blood flow, elimination of wastes, breathing and the movement of thoughts across the mind. Since Pitta and Kapha cannot move without it, Vata is considered the leader of the three Ayurvedic Principles in the body.

See The quality of vata is cold and dry. It dries up the faeces and leads to constipation , it leads to dryness of joints. Oil is best for vata diseases. Sesame oil or mustard oil, ayurvedic oils like Mahanarayan oil, gandha thailam(oil), Maha vishgarbha oil etc. Keep oiling. If you dip a thread in the oil for long, it would become so strong that you cannot easily break it. So the bomes become strong with oil.

Causes of vata diseases . I have taken a short list from Dr jv hebbars book as the spiritual yogi told us these things in short. You can refer his site easy ayurveda for more detailed list of causes and guidance.

  • Ruksha Aahaara – Dry foods
  • Sheeta Aahaara – cold foods

• Alpa anna – less quantity of food

  • Laghu anna – foods which are light to digest
  • Ati vyavaaya – excessive indulgence in sexual activities
  • Ati prajaagaraihi – excessive awakening during night times
  • Vishama Upachaara – Improper administration of treatments mainly cleansing treatments like Vamana (therapeutic emesis), Virechana (therapeutic purgation) etc
  • Ati dosha sravana – excessive elimination / discharge / elimination of doshas
  • Ati asruk sravana – excessive bleeding
  • Langana – excessive running
  • Plavana – excessive jumping
  • Ati adhwa – excessive walking
  • Ati Vyayama – Excessive exercises
  • Dhatu Kshaya – Depletion of tissues
  • Chinta – excessive thinking, stress
  • Shoka – excessive grief
  • Ati roga karshanaat – debility due to chroming and longstanding diseases
  • Vega sandhaarana – forcible withholding of natural urges
  • Aama – undigested food in circulation
  • Abhighaata – accident, trauma
  • Abhojana / Apatarpana – Deficit intake of food, fasting in excess
  • Marma abaadha – injury to Marmas or vital points in the body
  • Gaja, Ashwa, Ushtra sheegra yaana – riding on elephants, horses and camels regularly and in quick pace
  • Prapatanaat – falling down from the animals (while riding them)

Other causes

  • Bhanga – Fractures
  • Ati shuchi – Excessive administration of cleansing procedures (Panchakarma)
  • Shaityadi – Excessive consumption of cold foods and activities
  • Traasaat – Fear
  • Kshobha – Irritation
  • Kashaya – Excessive consumption of astringent foods
  • Tikta – Excessive consumption of bitter foods
  • Katu – Excessive consumption of pungent foods
  • Vari-ghanagame – cloudy and rainy season
  • Parinate anne – After the digestion of food
  • Aparahne – Evening

Specific causes:

  • Vyayama – Excessive exercises
  • Apatarpana – Fasting in excess
  • Prapatana – Fall, injury
  • Bhanga – Fractures
  • Kshaya – Depletion of tissues
  • Jaagarat – Excessive vigil (awakening all night)
  • Veganam cha vidharanat – Suppression of natural body urges (reflexes)
  • Ati shuchi – Excessive administration of cleansing procedures (Panchakarma)
  • Shaityadi – Excessive consumption of cold foods and activities
  • Traasaat – Fear
  • Ruksha – Excessive consumption of dry foods
  • Kshobha – Irritation
  • Kashaya – Excessive consumption of astringent foods
  • Tikta – Excessive consumption of bitter foods
  • Katu – Excessive consumption of pungent foods
  • Vari-ghanagame – cloudy and rainy season
  • Parinate anne – After the digestion of food
  • Aparahne – Evening

Blockage of the flow of the channel, when Ama or toxins or the excess doshas block the channels by accumulation. This can cause pain in body. The best recommended ,cheap and safe medicine for all types of vata diseases is YOGRAJ GUGGUL. There are more midicines like spondylon, balarishta, Pirant by maharshi ayurveda etc etc.

The medicine hardly costs 4 or 5 dollars for 1 month and is herbal very old indian medicine. You can buy it from any online shopping site. The name is Yograj guggul. If you feel you have more symptoms of this then use medicine maha yograj guggul . Take this for 4 5 months if problem is old. It will flush out all sticky toxins blocking your channels. You wont feel weakness and tingling. Do not take pain killers and allopathy medicines. It will worsen symptoms. These diseases come when astrologically you have saturn and rahu operational periods in the chart. Please do not fear , these are very stupid diseases which are complicated by doctors as disc prob, MS, fibro, blah blah…

Please note that all the above diseases are caused by eating cold foods, ice creams, coffee, tea, breads, pizza, cheese, sour things, cakes , cold water, late night sleeps, over indulgence in sexual activity, using dark blue and black clothes often, smoking, travelling and roaming much.Go for walk on bare foot, take wheatgrass, the root cause of these diseases are AMA , undigested sticky food in the channnels.

You get enough vitamins and minerals from dates , beet, carrots, vegetables, cereals, pulses, grains, yoghurt, wheatgrass, indian cow milk has almost every mineral and vitamin, honey, Indian ginseng ashwagandha has all most all minerals, indian herb giloy , ghee, Herbal medicine chandra prabhavati alone can cure all mineral and vitamin deficiency.

Details of vata diseases and treatment by respeced Dr Janadran hebbar jee

Details on treatment of vata diseases by respected Dr Jagdev singh jee

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